Restaurant Requirement

By March 21, you need to have a 100% vegan meal*.  Make sure you get and save a receipt.  Take a picture of it and upload it to Canvas for credit.  That's all you need to do to do for full credit.

*The meal should include no animal products at all--no meat, milk, cheese, eggs, fish, etc.  Don't just have one thing, but experience a full, plant-based meal.  Don't just have a vegetarian meal, which could include milk, cheese, and eggs.

Restaurants where you could have a vegan meal:

  1. Spiral Diner (Oak Cliff)--best option! 100% vegan and many vegans love it.
  2. D'Vegan (east Richardson)--Asian food, not-great atmosphere.
  3. V-Eats (Trinity Groves)-- has vegan options but also vegetarian; must choose a vegan meal!
  4. Be Raw (Northwest Highway)--both vegan and raw; the raw aspect will give you the wrong idea about what vegan food is like.
  5. Modern Market, Lyfe Kitchens (multiple locations)--both have vegan options, but you'll have to be careful to steer clear of non-vegan food.
  6. Cosmic Cup, Kalachandjis--good places for vegetarian food, but not easy to have a 100% vegan meal.

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